Focused on promoting Texas crude and other petroleum products to the global market by advancing a first of its kind export terminal strategically located on the Texas Gulf Coast at the mouth of the emergent Port of Corpus Christi. Lone Star Ports will be capable of loading fully-ladened VLCCs at a rate of 80K bph. Two storage hubs designed for up to 4 MM bbls each will be built; one at Midway Junction near Taft and the other on the intra-coastal waterway in Aransas Pass.

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Purposely designed to minimize impact to the local tourist industry and other recreational facilities, Lone Star Ports storage facilities will be incorporated into existing industrial complexes diminishing operational impacts to the community. Only the export facilities will be located on Harbor Island at the mouth of the port. This strategic plan will reduce noise from operations and limit activity on key waterways.

Lone Star Ports is active with local conservation groups, environmental and sustainability focus groups, and holds all industry accountable to the highest standards of conduct and environmentally responsible development and operations.


Lone Star Ports is committed to maintaining the sanctity of the local bays, tributaries and the ship channel.  This is the key criteria in our design. Our team of engineers, environmental consultants, and subject matter experts have deployed the latest technologies, processes, and construction methodologies to ensure the environment, local wildlife, and the communities in which we live in are not adversely impacted.

By reusing existing pipeline channels, investing in renewable power, installing advanced leak detection systems, and building EV charging stations for marine vessels, Lone Star Ports’ world-scale, world-class export terminal will be the industry leader.

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